Why Boruto is the greatest football team ever

We all love the Boruto anime series.

But how many of us have actually watched it, watched the entire season, and then gone back and watched the season in reverse?

That’s exactly what we did.

Here are our favorite highlights from season 7, which also saw the arrival of the Naruto manga.

We were there to give you our thoughts on the team, and our favorite moments in the season, but we also want to tell you how the season will affect fans who’ve watched the anime.

So let’s dive right in.

The Team: The Boruto team is probably best described as “a group of people who all have different things going on at the same time.”

Naruto is an outcast at school, so it’s hard to be the one to lead the group.

His friends are busy trying to keep his spirits up and he wants to join their club, so he recruits Boruto and his friends.

Naruto and Boruto’s relationship is more than a little complicated, and the team’s chemistry isn’t nearly as solid as it is in the manga.

Boruto does get to play the part of Naruto’s best friend in the anime series, and his teammates have great chemistry as well, but the team is still a little lacking in the storytelling department.

And Boruto really isn’t the most fun player.

There are some cool moments in season 7 when Boruto plays the part to be funny, but he doesn’t really have much to do, aside from getting angry and having to make jokes.

It’s a fun but ultimately unsuccessful approach.

For a character with a unique personality, Boruto can be a bit of a jerk.

That’s why he’s the only character with the nickname “Boruto” in the series, as his personality isn’t particularly original.

In fact, he’s not even Boruto at all.

“Boru” is an acronym that’s basically just a nickname for Boruto.

The name is a pun on Boruto being an otaku and being the only one of the group who can talk.

It means that Boruto spends his time chatting with his friends, and he’s a good conversationalist.

He’s not actually the smartest person in the group, but his personality and the way he interacts with the other characters gives the group a fun, energetic, and somewhat likable vibe.

Borutos friends are more of a “cute” side character, and while they have fun talking to Boruto, they don’t really add much to the narrative.

Naruto is a very different character, but is more of an awkward introvert.

He doesn’t spend much time talking with anyone outside of his team, but Boruto doesn’t mind him having a social life with the group because he knows he’ll be the center of attention.

The two characters have a lot in common: They’re both awkward introverts who love being around people who like them, and they both have an intense dislike of Boruto because of it.

The Boruto characters are the only two people who have a real chemistry.

Boru and Boro are the two most fun characters in the entire series.

The first two episodes of the anime season all deal with Boruto trying to break into the Naruto club, but this season, Borutu and Naruto get a lot more attention.

They’re in the middle of a big story arc that involves Boruto fighting a dragon and Naruto is kidnapped by the enemy.

The anime goes through a lot of different characters and a lot different storylines, and Borutubo is the only person who’s given a meaningful backstory and a role in the story.

It doesn’t matter that Borutoro is the first character the series gets to really get to know; he’s fun to watch because he’s unique.

He has his own personality and his own quirks, but even though he’s an introvert, he gets along with everyone and is always a fun character to root for.

The second half of the season is mostly about Boruto helping Naruto with his quest to become the strongest ninja in the world.

This is probably the biggest change in the Borutun season, as the manga focuses more on Naruto’s journey to become stronger than the anime does.

Boruchu is a bit more of the “big brother” character, who always helps Naruto when he needs it, and Naruto does enjoy being around Boruto a lot.

Boruzu is also one of Borututos biggest supporters.

Naruto loves to talk to him and listen to his stories, but it’s a bit awkward for Borutuzu to be around him.

This season, Naruto is the one who gets to be Boruto in the show, but with Borutuyu, he does get a little more respect.

He even shows up to help Boruto learn the proper way to attack a dragon.

It seems like Boruto wants to make friends with Boru, but