Which teams are best positioned to win ESL One Cologne?

In this week’s edition of The Washington Post’s Team Liquid CS:GO coverage, we take a look at the best teams to win a major esports event and which teams are the most vulnerable in the long run.

This is a look back at ESL One, and we look at where each team stands in the league table.

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With so much happening in esports right now, we want to give you a preview of what’s coming up in a few days.

With the league in its final weeks, we’re also going to have to make a few changes to our previews.

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Team Liquid vs. Liquid`CS:GOStars2.0″We have a strong team,” Liquid`Liquid`CSGosmic.com`The best-of-three series in ESL One is a big deal.

The two teams have been playing each other for two weeks now, and it’s clear that Liquid` Liquid` CSGosmia.comThe best of three series in the ESL One World Championship is a huge deal.

Liquid has been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since its inception and they’ve taken a big step toward a grand final at the event.

They’ve already beaten Team Liquid and Liquid has defeated Liquid.

If the series goes as Liquid expects it to, they could win the ESL ONE title.

However, Liquid` has been winning, too.

Liquid won the DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca Finals and finished second in the ESEA Premier Challenge, the most recent major to take place in Europe.

Liquid have also shown they are capable of winning multiple major tournaments at the same time.

The team has been the top-ranked team at the ESL Pro League since mid-September and they have been in contention for the top spot in the EU LCS for months.

Liquid’s most recent win is a victory over Fnatic at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 6 Finals.

The series between Liquid and Fnatic has seen the best of times in a lot of ways.

Liquid were able to capitalize on the fact that Fnatic has had some form of a bad month, losing to Cloud9, Immortals, and Gambit in the month of November.

Liquid took the series 2-1 and lost in a 3-1 fashion.

Liquid are the favorites heading into ESL One and they should be able to take it.

Liquid was the favorite to win the last major CS:Go event, DreamHack Winter, when they defeated NiP in the quarterfinals and took down NiP on home soil.

Fnatic’s most notable recent loss was to Team Liquid in the semifinals of the Season 5 World Championship, and they haven’t been in the top tier of CS: GO teams for a while.

Fnatic has proven that they can compete at the highest level and they will be a tough team to defeat at ESL one.

Team Astralis vs. Astralis.com”This is a great opportunity for us.

We have a solid roster and the team has a lot to prove.”

Team Astrales` Astralis` Astrales’ Astralis’CSGOSmia.

com`Astralis are the team to beat at ESL Cologne and their recent performance at DreamHack Summer was very impressive.

The North American team is one of the most exciting teams in CS: 1 and it is very much a team with a lot going on at the moment.

AstralIS is one team that is capable of taking a major title at this event.

AstralIs won ESL EEA Pro League, the second major of the year for CS:S, in May.

Astral are currently in the midst of a run of good results that has seen them take first place at the World Championship and the Dreamhack Summer Open Qualifiers.

Astral is currently the number one seed in the ELEAGUE Major Series.

Astral will be one of two teams that will face off against the defending champions Fnatic in the semi-finals of ESL One.

Astral have not been able to win in the last couple of weeks, but their form is always in question and they are a team that can beat anyone at the top level of CS.

Astral has been in a slump since losing to FaZe in the grand final of ESL EPL Season 6, but a few weeks ago they proved that they were not the worst team in CS.

This series will be very hard for Fnatic to beat and they may have to come up with some surprising plays to stop Astralis from dominating the series.

Team Dignitas vs.