Which college football team has the best fans?

The University of Oklahoma’s fan base is a big part of its football program, and there are plenty of OU fans who believe their team has one of the best fan bases in the country.

The school’s football team recently released its most-watched game of the year on Saturday, but we’ve taken a closer look at the most passionate and engaged fans on the football team.

OU fans are known for their devotion, especially after a Big 12 championship.

The Sooners have over 12,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Oklahoma is ranked fourth in the AP poll for fan engagement and fifth in ESPN’s top 25 for college football.

OU’s fan bases are a big reason why OU’s basketball team, which plays the defending national champion Kansas Jayhawks in a bowl game on Dec. 16, has a higher rating on the College GameDay college football telecast than any other team in the Big 12.

OU has over 11,500 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

It is one of two schools in the SEC that are ranked in the top 25 in both ratings and fan engagement, and the other is Tennessee.

Both schools have strong fan bases.

Tennessee has more than 14,000 fans on Facebook, while Tennessee State has over 10,000.

The University at Buffalo is also in the national top 25, but it has only 1,500 fans on Twitter.

The Buffalo Bills football team is ranked 18th in the college football poll for fans and is ranked No. 6 in the Associated Press poll.

The Bills have more than 3,000 fan base on Facebook.

It’s been almost a year since the University of Miami won the ACC championship, but the team has a large fan base.

The Hurricanes have over 9,500 Twitter followers, and they are also the only team in college football to have over 10K fans on their Facebook page.

The team is not only the top-rated team in America, but also the highest-rated sports team in New York City.

The New York Yankees, who have the second-highest fan base in the league behind the New York Mets, have the highest fan base among college football teams in the nation.

Miami and Florida State are in the middle of the pack, but there are many teams that fall in the bottom half of the league.

Some teams have fan bases that are far larger than the rest.

The Florida Gators have more fans on social media than any of the teams in their conference.

The Gators are ranked first in the ACC, and their fans are more than 5 times as big as the teams on the ACC’s top 10 list.

Florida has over 6,500 Facebook fans.

Florida State has more fans in the New Year than the teams ranked in any of their divisions.

The Seminoles are ranked eighth in the College Football Playoff rankings, but their fan base may be larger than most teams on this list.

The Spartans have over 3,100 fans on facebook.

The teams on ESPN’s College Game Day are the top college football programs in the U.S. The ACC is a power in college sports, and it’s easy to see why so many of its teams are on this season’s College Football Playoffs.

The top teams in this year’s college football playoffs are Clemson, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Florida and North Carolina.

The playoff is scheduled to begin on January 5.

The first week of the postseason will see each team face another team from the top four conferences in the conference, and that’s when the teams are expected to meet in the title game.

The final two teams to play in the championship game are Florida and Alabama.

Florida is the defending champion, and Florida is ranked third in the American Athletic Conference.

The Crimson Tide beat Georgia Tech and Georgia to win the Atlantic Coast Conference championship.

Clemson is the only ACC team to win an ACC championship since the ACC changed its rules in the late 1970s.

Clemson fans are passionate.

Clemson has over 9K fans in its fan base and more than 1,000 on Twitter, as well.

Clemson’s fans are a huge part of the team’s success, but they don’t always win every game.

Clemson was a part of a playoff run in 2012 that saw the Tigers lose to Alabama, Louisville and Georgia Tech.

The Tigers have won five games in a row since that season, and this season Clemson will be looking for a sixth straight bowl win.

It would be a great shame if Clemson could not make a bowl.

The game between the Crimson Tide and Clemson is scheduled for Dec. 31, and Clemson’s biggest rivalry game of all time is slated to take place on Jan. 1.

Clemson had a great season in 2016, winning the national title, a BCS bowl and a College Football Bowl Championship game.

It has a strong fan base that is growing every year, and now is the time to prove that it’s a winner.

–Katherine Zebrowski, ABC News College Football reporter