Which college basketball teams are worth investing in?

The first college basketball team in Ohio was established in 1882 and is still owned by the University of Cincinnati, a member of the National Association of Collegiate Athletic Commissions.

The University of Akron, a private institution, also plays in the Ohio Athletic Conference, which was established at the same time.

The two schools are the only ones in the country that both have their own college teams, and each team has its own logo.

It’s hard to know if the schools are worth the investment, but the University and the Akron School of Business say they are.

The school said in a statement on Wednesday that the new team’s logo will include the University’s wordmark and the phrase “U.C.B.A.A.”.

The logo was approved by the NCAA on Wednesday.

The university said the logo is not affiliated with the U.S. college sports programs.

The Akron school has been in business for nearly 100 years.

The company said in its statement that it’s looking for a new home for the team, which it hopes to begin play this season.