When NFL teams get a first look at the Los Angeles Rams, they’ll be getting a lot of new faces

Los Angeles (CNN) — When it comes to the Los Angles Rams, one thing you won’t see is a lot different.

That’s because the team’s name, the Los Angelos Rams, has remained the same for almost 30 years.

The team was created in 1974 when the Los Alamos Laboratory was founded in the United States, in part because the Los Angels was a major hub for the manufacturing of atomic weapons during World War II.

Thats when Los Alaminos scientists were experimenting with the new thermonuclear weapon that would destroy the enemy.

The Los Alamocks was the first atomic laboratory in the world.

It’s also a city with a lot going for it.

It’s home to the world’s most prominent university, USC, and a number of prominent high-tech companies.

Los Angeles, with a population of about 21 million, has more than 40 million people, a population that’s projected to grow to nearly 52 million by 2050.

The city also has a thriving medical and entertainment industry, as well as a booming tech sector that includes tech companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb and Microsoft.

The name is the result of a deal in 1972 between the Los Argentinos and the California Department of Industrial Relations, or CALIR.

The agreement gave the city of Los Angeles a monopoly on the name of its new team in the National Football League.

The deal allowed the Los Barrios, which had previously had a monopoly in the California state government, to gain control of the Rams name, as long as the city gave them permission to change the name.

The Los Angeles city council unanimously approved the agreement in December 1973.

The Rams were then officially named the Los Rams, the first team to have a name other than its primary nickname.

That name, however, didn’t last long.

In 1975, the Rams were changed to the New Orleans Saints.