What you need to know about the FIFA World Cup 2018

The International Olympic Committee has confirmed that all matches will be played at a capacity of 85,000 spectators in all venues.

The announcement came as FIFA announced that the world’s football governing body had completed a review of all venues to ensure a fair playing field for all.

The review of stadiums has found that stadiums are “not meeting the requirements” of the game, according to the statement, which also stated that the IOC would look at all possible alternatives to the stadium model.

“The IPC has concluded that stadiums, which are not meeting the requirement of the sport, will not be permitted in all international football tournaments,” the statement read.

“As part of the review, the IPC will look into the feasibility of constructing stadiums at a lower capacity in future international competitions.

This would be a positive step for the development of international football and FIFA will consider all options.”FIFA has been in talks with partners about the possibility of expanding the World Cup to include multiple cities, including London, the report added.

It is understood that the organisation is also looking at other options for hosting the event in stadiums that are more accommodating to spectators.

The event is set to take place in June 2019.