What the Lakers’ biggest losses are, and what they could mean for their 2017 playoff push

Last week we wrote about how the Lakers lost to the Warriors, who were playing without superstar Stephen Curry.

And now we’ve seen that team lose three games in a row and are in the process of losing their last three games of the regular season.

The Warriors have been playing like a team with no identity and are a top-four team in the NBA, but they’ve only lost three games this season and are still a playoff team.

And they’ve played well.

And we’ve been writing about how good they’ve been, but now we know that they’re probably going to miss the playoffs.

The Lakers have won their last four games against the Warriors (3-2) and lost to them in seven games last season.

So while the Warriors are still going to win the West, they’ve lost two of their last five.

Now the Lakers are at a crossroads.

They could be on the verge of a first-round bye, which would leave them without the luxury of a postseason bye.

They also could be in danger of losing one of their best players to the draft lottery, or worse yet, they could have to pay him a huge amount of money to become an unrestricted free agent.

We could go into the postseason without the two most important players in the Lakers roster, or the only thing that matters to them is winning the NBA championship.

And if they win the NBA title, we’ll all be celebrating, right?


This is a team that has one of the worst records in the league, and has lost to four different teams this season, and they’ve scored less than 100 points in three of those games.

The team has been a disaster all season.

And it could be a disaster that the Lakers can’t afford.

The Clippers are one of those teams.

The Los Angeles Clippers are the Lakers worst opponent in the last two years.

They’ve lost three of their first four games.

They have a 27-25 record against the Clippers, which is tied for the second-worst mark in the entire NBA.

In the last three years, the Clippers have won five of their past six games, which means they’re a .500 team right now.

This season has been particularly bad for them, as they’ve dropped five of the last six games against other teams in the West.

So what if the Clippers are going to be one of two teams to win it all?

Well, they have one of three teams to beat this year.

But the Clippers won’t be getting a first pick from the lottery this year, and the Los Angeles Lakers will be a playoff-less team this season if they get the second pick.

So they’re not going to get the chance to draft the best player available and have him become one of this team’s best players.

This is one of five teams that the Clippers would have to lose to in order to make the playoffs this year: the Houston Rockets, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Brooklyn Nets and the Portland Trail Blazers.

If the Clippers lose the second overall pick to the Knicks, they’d be one out of five spots, but if they go with a pick that falls outside the top six, they’re still in a playoff position.

If they go outside the Top 6, they would need to lose the Clippers’ pick to move up two spots and make the lottery.

But they’d have to trade down to get to the third and fourth spots, which might be hard to do if they were to draft a guard like Deandre Ayton or a forward like Brandon Ingram.

They might be able to do that, but it might not be the best plan.

So the Los Angels Clippers are a team without a star.

And even if they’re going to draft one of these players in June, it would be an incredibly risky move.

They would be in the same situation as the Golden State Warriors, a team coming off a second straight losing season.

This team is going to lose its top two players, and lose the most important player in the game, and their top three players.

They’ll also be dealing with injuries, which will hurt them badly in the postseason.

The most talented players on the roster will be playing against one of just two teams that will be ranked in the top four of the NBA in points per game, defensive rating, field goal percentage and defensive efficiency, and one of only two teams in their division that can match up against those teams (the Houston Rockets).

So if the Lakers win the lottery, they’ll have to deal with the worst team in their conference.

And with their record, they won’t have much chance of winning the conference.

They’re one of four teams that are going down in the standings, and it’s hard to see the Lakers winning much of anything this season.

But if they don’t win the league championship this year and lose a lot of games to