What happens when you combine Lego’s famous buildings with a Disney ride?

New Scientist has the scoop on a LEGO Dream Team, which imagines a world of Lego with Disney-inspired characters and worlds.

The team was born out of a collaboration between Lego and Disney, and is now being released to the public for the first time.

The first Lego Dream Team Lego building is a replica of The Haunted Mansion, complete with an interactive door that opens and closes with a pinball-style rotating motion.

The LEGO Dream team also includes a tower of Legos, a castle and a castle on wheels.

Each of the LEGO Dream Teams consists of eight Lego bricks.

Lego Dream Teams come in a range of sizes, and the team will be available for purchase in the first half of 2017.

The Dream Team also includes six different worlds, ranging from simple castles to more elaborate settings.

“The Dream Team sets up an interesting situation in a real LEGO world,” said Lego senior manager of brand management and strategy, Michael Crouch.

“It’s a real challenge for Lego to build these places, but they are fantastic fun for people to play with.”

The Dream Teams’ worlds are not limited to Lego’s most iconic buildings.

There are also more imaginative LEGO creations.

In addition to the Haunted Mansion theme park, there is a Lego version of the Jungle Cruise that features a giant water buffalo and a sea turtle.

There is also a version of Cinderella Castle built entirely of Lego bricks, which will be made available for pre-order in March.

The Lego Dream team has been working on a new theme park theme for the past few years, and Crouch says the Dream Team will be a major part of the next iteration of the theme park.

“Our goal with the Dream Teams was to get the parks into a place where they are not just an idea but something that is built out,” he said.

“We’re making sure that the people are involved in making sure the theme is exciting and engaging, and not just a toy for kids to play.”