Valve to Open Beta on Steam’s Early Access Source Bloomberg title Steam will open beta on Valve’s Early Adopting Platforms

Valve will open an early access program for its Steam game distribution platform, the company said Thursday.

The program will start on May 1, and Valve will make available games on Steam in the coming weeks, it said in a statement.

Valve will allow Valve-approved users to buy and download games from the Steam store through the program.

Valve said it plans to offer the program to users from May 1 through August 30.

Valve previously opened a similar program to allow early adopters to download games on its website, but the program is separate from Steam and does not support Steam games.

The company did not specify which games will be included in the early access period.

The early access offer for games on the Steam storefront comes a few months after Valve began offering discounts on Valve games through the Early Access program.

Steam’s Steam Early Access Program will offer a discount of 20% on all Valve-made titles and 25% off of Steam games purchased directly through the Steam Store.

The Early Access programs will start running May 1.

The price of a Steam game will vary by region, with the program offering discounts starting at $5.99 in North America, $10.99 and $15.99 for Europe, and $20.99 or $25.99, respectively, for Japan.