The world’s best teams list: The best sports team in the world

The world has the best sports teams, according to a list compiled by The Verge.

The world’s top five teams in terms of overall number of players and popularity have all been assembled by The Economist, with Barcelona, New York City FC, and Manchester United in the top three spots.

The top five most popular sports teams in the US were, unsurprisingly, soccer teams.

The top three most popular teams in Canada are, unsurprisingly there was also an abundance of baseball teams on the list.

While the top two teams in this year’s FIFA World Cup were Barcelona and the New York Red Bulls, both of which have been world champions, there was no soccer team in this list that had the same number of FIFA World Cups won as Manchester United and Chelsea.

The United States team has won eight World Cups, while Chelsea has won nine World Cups.