The best football team in England is the Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC is the best football club in England. 

The Reds are currently sitting at the top of the Premier League table with 27 points from seven games, with Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal all dropping points. 

Liverpool FC are also unbeaten in their last nine league games, having scored 14 goals. 

Arsenal are currently in the relegation zone, having only scored seven goals in their league games this season. 

But there are other teams that are far more consistent. 

Manchester United have scored 19 goals in eight league games since September, while Manchester City have scored 17 goals in nine games in the league. 

Meanwhile, Arsenal have scored 10 goals in 11 league games in 2017. 

So what does this mean for the future of the top flight? 

With a record of 17 league victories and nine cup wins in 20 seasons, Liverpool FC have been one of the most successful teams in English football. 

In fact, Liverpool’s record of six league titles and a cup in 20 years is the third best in English league history behind Arsenal and Manchester City. 

It is no coincidence that Liverpool FC are currently undefeated in their past seven league games. 

Despite being a top-flight team, Liverpool have only won one league game in the past 11 seasons. 

If they manage to win another two league games over the next seven days, they could finish with 20 points and be in a position to win the title. 

What can you expect from Liverpool FC? 

The biggest change that has come with the addition of Klopp is the way he uses the game. 

As Liverpool’s manager, Klopp has utilised a 4-2-3-1 formation to allow the players to attack the opposition and build up pressure in midfield. 

This has allowed him to score plenty of goals in recent games, scoring seven in the last eight games.

He also used a 4 – 2-3 in a 4 v 1, and this allowed him the option to overload the opposition defence, which resulted in a number of assists for Philippe Coutinho and Raheem Sterling. 

He also deployed an extra man in midfield, which is something that has been missing from the last few years. 

With Coutinho having already scored five goals this season, Liverpool will be looking to extend the scoring streak to seven, as they will be without Sterling for the first time since August. 

They have also got to avoid a defeat against Southampton as they face an injury crisis at the back, as Daniel Sturridge is expected to miss the match with a thigh injury. 

However, this is a tough challenge to tackle, as Southampton have scored three goals in six games against Liverpool in all competitions this season and have only conceded five goals in five league matches. 

Should Liverpool manage to secure all three points against Southampton, it would be Liverpool’s first league win in eight games since the start of the season.

How will the season unfold? 

Liverpool will be in the final week of the 2017/18 Premier League season, having played six matches in total. 

On paper, they are favourites to win every single game, but with a difficult draw against Southampton and a few other fixtures against other teams, the chances of them winning the league are slim. 

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