The ‘America’ team’s helmet won’t make it to the Super Bowl

The U.S. Soccer team won’t wear its first-ever helmet until 2019 after an effort to have it approved by the NCAA failed. 

The American team won its first national championship in 2022 when it defeated Canada in the Women’s World Cup final. 

In December, the NCAA ruled that the league did not have the authority to approve the helmet and ordered it removed from the game. 

At the time, the U.K. and the Netherlands were the only two teams that wore helmets. 

“We are disappointed the American soccer team did not wear their first ever helmet until 2020,” the NCAA said in a statement. 

However, the league was given until May 22 to submit a plan to the NCAA to allow it to wear the helmet. 

According to the league, it will be the first team to wear a helmet in the 2020 Olympics, which will take place in Seoul. 

It will be up to the U-17 and U-18 teams to decide when to wear their helmets in 2022. 

American soccer has not had helmets since 2014, when the UBS men’s soccer team wore a helmet during a match against Colombia.