NFL owners plan to cut $1.4 billion in player retirement funds after ‘injuries’

The NFL and owners are set to announce a new set of pension and health benefits on Wednesday as the league tries to avoid a second-straight season without an All-Star team.

The plan, which also includes a cap increase and raises the retirement age, is designed to ease pressure on the league and ease concerns about player safety.

The NFL Players Association is pushing for the funds to be made public as part of a plan to ensure that all players receive their full paychecks.

The proposed changes to the NFL Retirement System are expected to be announced at a news conference Wednesday in New York.

It will be followed by a three-day session of owners meetings in Miami.

The NFL has struggled with the injury crisis since the 2015 season, when several players were suspended for the first time in league history.

That followed a series of incidents that culminated in the deaths of four players and an NFL executive.

The league has made significant progress in the past few years.

Last season, the league won its first Super Bowl in 32 years.

But there have been major issues in recent seasons that have resulted in the retirement of players and coaches and the suspensions of coaches, quarterbacks and wide receivers.

A new proposal released by the union would make the changes to retiree health and benefits permanent.

That would be the biggest change, but it would not affect players’ ability to play.

It is also designed to address concerns about the impact on the NFL’s financial stability, which is also being addressed in the union’s latest pension plan.

The pension plan is still a work in progress, and there are several other steps needed to finalize it, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

In January, the union filed a grievance seeking to extend the pension plans to the end of the 2023 season.

That could affect the retirement plans and the amount of money players and owners can make during the 2027 season, which begins Oct. 31.