Microsoft Teams to Launch Microsoft Teams for Mac (PDF)

Microsoft Teams is launching on Mac in early 2018, according to a Microsoft blog post, and will be powered by the company’s Cloud Native Computing (CNC) technology.

Microsoft says it will be the first of a series of products for Mac that will include “many features from our other platforms.”

This will be a very exciting time for the Mac, as it’s becoming the de facto desktop platform for enterprise applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.

The blog post also notes that Microsoft is “building an extensive ecosystem” for the platform, with “more than a dozen product partners” on board.

The company has already rolled out several features on the Mac such as the “Microsoft Teams Web Apps” that will let users create and edit content on the web.

Microsoft Teams will also be available for both Mac and PC users.

The announcement comes on the heels of the introduction of Microsoft Teams and the Office 365 TeamViewer, which will be made available for Mac.

Microsoft is also working on the “Office 365 Connected Services for Mac” for Mac, which Microsoft says will “offer a seamless collaboration experience across all of Microsoft’s Office 365 services and apps.”