Israel’s new stadium is already starting to turn heads

Israel’s newly opened new stadium has turned heads, with locals saying it looks like the stadium they’ve been waiting for.

“It’s beautiful,” said a woman in her 40s who identified herself as Naima.

“It’s a bit more open than we expected, but it’s so nice, it’s amazing.”

The stadium is a temporary temporary venue built with the backing of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said he hoped the stadium would attract visitors from around the world.

Netanyahu said the stadium will have the capacity of about 2,500, with a capacity of 10,000 spectators.

It is expected to open in December.

The stadium is being built by the Israel Football Association, which was founded in 2007.

Construction has already begun, and the new stadium will be ready to host games in about six months, according to the Israel Sports Authority.

The stadium will not be able to accommodate the international game scheduled for this weekend, but Netanyahu said that could change once the stadium is ready.

“The new stadium should be ready for the international matches,” he said.

The new Israel Football Stadium is expected in mid-December.

The project has been under construction for years, with the final stage being built in 2009.

“There are many other stadiums in Israel,” Netanyahu said.

“This is the only one with an international venue.

This is the stadium with the largest capacity.”

The Israeli flag is on the outside of the stadium, and on the inside of the stands, and there are Israeli flags hanging on the rafters, along with the Israeli flag.

The Israeli Prime Ministry has said that the stadium’s construction will be completed by December 2018.