How to watch your favourite swimmers on ABC News: Swimming with your friends

Swimming in Melbourne is a great way to enjoy the water.

While it’s not the most popular sport, the Melbourne Swimming Club is a swimmers paradise and there’s plenty to do on the water at the weekend.

A lot of people might have been surprised to learn the club has two swim teams.

There’s the “Big Three” which have won the title seven times and will be competing in the world championships in Melbourne this summer.

The “B” team are one of the most successful teams in the Melbourne circuit, having won two Olympic gold medals and a silver in Athens.

Then there’s the B Team, which have had two Olympic Gold medals and won gold at the 2012 Olympics.

And then there’s The Swimming Pool, which has won a world championship and three Australian Open championships.

Swimming is the perfect sport to keep fit, boost your confidence and have fun.

It’s the perfect game for kids, and adults alike.

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