How to Watch NFL Games, ESPN, and NFL Network on Your Smart TV, iPad, or Android device

You might want to use the latest versions of your favorite apps to watch NFL games.

If you’re watching on an Android device or iPad, check out our guide to streaming the NFL.

On your TV, watch the games on your favorite TV provider: ESPN: The NFL on ESPN app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for iOS or Android devices can stream live games, including Sunday Night Football, to Apple TV.

On-demand content: and WatchESPN on Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire HDX, and Fire TV.

ESPN on CBS: The CBS app from for iOS and Android devices, and on the CBS app for Android, Amazon Fire TVs, Fire TVs Stick, and Android smartphones.

CBS on NBC: The NBC app for iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the NBC app on Android phones and tablets.

NBC on ABC: The ABC app for Apple TV and Android phones.

ABC on CBS and NBC: You can watch ABC on ABC on the TV or the app.

On the TV, stream ABC on Hulu or ABC Go.

On Android, watch ABC and ABC Go on Google TV.