How to Survive a Game of Hockey: Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final

It was the first time since 1997 when the NHL would be in action, with all five of the teams playing in the Western Conference Finals.

There were six teams from the Eastern Conference, and the Western conference had seven teams, including the Kings, Blackhawks, Capitals and Rangers.

It was a battle between the three best teams in the world, and it was going to be played on two ice rinks, one in Montreal and one in Seattle.

The game started off with a shootout in the third period, but it wasn’t over until the fourth.

By the fifth period, the Capitals had taken control of the game.

They had tied the game with 5:24 left in the game and were on a 2-0 lead when the Bruins were on the penalty kill.

It looked like the puck had come to the back of the net, but Bruins defenseman Zach Trotman tipped it away.

The puck went back to Trotist and it came back to the Caps’ net, where the puck ended up being stopped by defenseman Dmitry Kulikov.

The referees called a timeout and the game went into overtime, with the game tied at 2-2 at the end of regulation.

The teams traded chances in the extra period, with neither team getting a shot on goal, and in overtime, the puck was again waved off the ice by the officials, allowing the Capitals to advance.

After the overtime, Kulikova was assessed a minor penalty for roughing, and Trotism scored the game-winning goal.

The Bruins scored a power-play goal in the overtime to win 3-2.

The third period ended with the two teams trading shots, and neither team had a shot at the other’s net.

The third period was about as exciting as it could get for the fans of both teams, and both teams went back and forth for a few minutes before the teams finally tied the score.

The game was eventually stopped with 4:03 left in regulation.

After a timeout, the game resumed, and then there was an overtime period, which lasted only about a minute.

Kulikovsky had a goal and two assists for Trotivikov in the first overtime.

Trotikov had a point in the second overtime, and Kulikosky scored a goal in overtime for Trotz’s third goal of the night.

Trotz finished with three assists.

After two overtime periods, it was the third overtime of the series, and a game-winner was scored by defenseman Josh Gorges.

It wasn’t the final score, as the Bruins needed a goal from the penalty spot to tie the game, but they were able to tie it up when Kulikomys goal was scored on a breakaway.

The Bruins scored on their next five power play opportunities, with only one coming from the power play.

They scored on five of their six power play attempts in the fourth overtime period.

The final score was 6-5 in favor of the Bruins.