Dream Team: Dream Team wallpaper

By default, Dream Team is set to be used for wallpaper images.

If you are having problems with this setting, then you can manually turn it off in the wallpaper preferences.

We have included the default settings for Dream Team, but you can change them to something else, if you prefer.

The default settings have a fairly wide range of colour choices, so you should probably go for something less saturated.

To turn it on, go to Settings > General > General options > Theme and then turn on the option that says: “Use the background of your choice as your wallpaper”.

To turn off it, you need to press the ‘X’ key, which launches the “Options” menu, and then press “Set”.

The theme you select is what the system uses to render the images.

You can also change the image file name, or change the name of the image, which can be very useful if you are sharing images.

We also recommend changing the “Title”, “Description” and “Image” fields, but they are set to default, so they are not affected by this setting.