‘Bitterly disappointing’ to see NFL team lose its bid for the 2018 title

After winning two Super Bowls and the AFC Championship, the New England Patriots have been left with a bitter taste of defeat by the Los Angeles Rams.

The Patriots had previously been one of the biggest Super Bowl contenders but lost to the Rams in the Super Bowl LI.

Now, with just three weeks left to play in the 2018 NFL season, the team’s owner and general manager, Robert Kraft, is expected to announce the outcome of the bid.

The bid was initially submitted to the league in June, but was rejected in January.

After the Rams failed to clinch a Super Bowl berth in 2021, Kraft said the league was looking for a way to get a team in the playoffs.

The NFL is considering three teams to compete for the Super, with the third franchise a potential addition to the AFC.

If the NFL accepts the bid, the league will announce the location of the team in February.

The Patriots and the Chargers have been linked to moving to Los Angeles and the Jets have also been linked.

It is unclear if the bid will still be submitted to a commissioner in February, with teams also expected to play another game in February or March.